Posted by: jacksterja | 9 October, 2007

Totally Gross

I saw the most disgusting thing on the train this morning.

All the seats were full and people were pretty cosy (yes, I was running on time for work this morning and therefore had to deal with rush hour crowds), when diagonally opposite my seat a big old guy sneezed very loudly and very…ummm…projectiley (yep, I made that word up, but I can’t think of anything else that applies) all over the poor girl sitting next to him.

The girl (quite a lot more restrained than I would have been had I been in the same circumstances) responded with “Oh My God!!”

So instead of apologising profusely – the response I would have considered appropriate – the sneezing man grunts and snarls.

Understandably, the sneeze-victim really didn’t feel like sitting next to snarly-sneezy-grunty man and stood up to move as far away as possible.

You’ll never guess what his response was. Go on, try. You never will. It’s too awful to even contemplate.

Snarly-sneezy-grunty man spat at the poor girl he’d just sneezed all over. Presumably for the terrible crime of not wanting to sit next to him.

So, on the off chance that snarly-sneezy-grunty-spits-like-a-llama man gets to hear about this post….You’re a disgusting pig.

Ahh the joys of public transport.


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