Posted by: jacksterja | 8 October, 2007


Yep. Thanks heaps to my ex-flatmate. Apparently there was no need at all for forwarding the 7 lettersfrom Sydney City Council that have arrived there addressed to me over the past year. No, of course not. Even though you have my address, phone number and email, it would have been too much effort to let me know that some quite important looking envelopes were there. Maybe if you ignore them they’ll stop?

So I have narrowly escaped debtor’s prison. OK, well, maybe just being listed with collections.

I do find it interesting, however, that after sending 7 letters to an incorrect address, that it took the collections agent approximately 10 seconds to find my current address. I wonder what it costs the council per account to have these things chased up? Compared with some white pages address validation? Especially since my address is the address for which the rates are due…



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