Posted by: jacksterja | 4 October, 2007

Too funny

I was out with my friend Marti last night, at the local playing a bit of pub trivia and having a lovely time.

We also started playing another game, which is one of my personal favourites.

It’s called “the Reverse Gestalt music game” where the combination of two songs is far more amusing than the sum of the amusement that could be gleaned from either as an individual song.

To play this game, you need a TV screen playing music videos and a sound system playing completely different songs.

It’s funny when you start to notice how many of the songs actually fit what’s happening on the video in a funny kind of way (something to do with how structured pop music is, I guess), and on some occasions it’s downright hilarious.

Like with Delta Goodrem’s video and the Bicycle song playing.

But my favourite was that classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun playing over the top of the video of Fiest’s 1234. I’d never seen it before, either, but it seriously couldn’t have fitted more perfectly.

I guess small things amuse small minds. 🙂


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