Posted by: jacksterja | 7 September, 2007

Superman’s changeroom

Last weekend, down in Berry,  we headed to the park to sit in the sun and read our books for a while. We found a lovely little park in the back streets of the town and settled in.

Across the road was a phone booth. And in that phone booth were 2 almost-teenage girls.

I’m not entirely sure what they were up to, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a reverse charges phone call to their parents to let them know that they’d be home in time for dinner.

It got me wondering, though. When I was younger, I may have spent the odd spell in phone booths. Occasional prank calls, and later, when I was at boarding school, using them to ring mum and dad regularly to keep in touch.

Once upon a time I didn’t own a mobile phone. In fact, that situation lasted a lot longer than you would probably believe if you knew me today.

 But these days I wonder how much the phone booth has become a dinosaur.

How much legitimate use does a public phone get in this era of cheap and reliable mobile phones?

Have they become more a hangout location for a mis-spent youth than a practical useful thing these days.



  1. I was pondering this exact situation just last week. I found myself in a phone booth in New Zealand calling back to Oz as it was much more cost effective that doing it on the roaming mobile. This lead me to think that only international travellers now use them, and maybe also the less fortunate who cannot afford a mobile phone.

    As a point of interest, I learnt recently that mobile phone bill non-payment is the no. 1 cause of default listing on people’s credit ratings. Better check my vodafone account…

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