Posted by: jacksterja | 4 September, 2007

In The Mean Time

So I finally got to the end of my travel adventures posts. Not bad considering I’ve actually been back 2 weeks. ūüėČ

So what have I been up to since then?

After the debacle of getting home from holidays, my carefully laid plans of spending the best part of a day getting myself organised (shopping, washing etc) before the adventures of the following 2 weekends were clearly thwarted.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night frantically trying to fit these things in after work, and then had a Networking function on Thursday night.

I think it was Wednesday, when speaking to my mother on the phone that I discovered there had been some sort of communication problem, and that they were arriving a weekend earlier than I had expected for a visit.

Not usually a problem, except that I had my friend Alison flying in from Melbourne on the same day to visit for the weekend. and I only have one spare bed and so much room.

After a minor meltdown, I managed to speak to my understanding boss, who gave me the Monday off work, Mum & Dad shifted their schedules slightly and organised to stay at my Uncle’s place (over the other side of Sydney) for part of the weekend.

It actually all went pretty well and we all had a great time, but reorganising the best-laid plans was a touch stressful!

There was plenty of food and drinks and a visit to the sustainability festival and dinners out and even a Bridge Climb. You’ll have to figure out for yourself who did what!

After that I managed one evening at home before social engagements all the rest of last week. Then it was off to Berry with NTB on Friday night and back on Saturday.

On Sunday I was about ready to collapse and had one of those hiding-out days where I turned off my phone and slept in and stayed in my tracksuit all day and watched DVDs in between naps on the couch. It was just what needed!

So here I am, back on track and better than ever! My relaxing day at home has done me a world of good and I even managed to find the energy to not only write a stack of posts, but move the hosting and all.

So that’s my excuse and I’m,¬†sticking to it.

But the whole point is that I’m back now. And I’m at work and I’m writing a post in my luch hour! Yay!

In the way of preemptive excuses, I would also like to point out that I seem to be having a problem with the spell-checker on here, so apologies in advance for any dodgy spelling. It does, however, kind of put a damper on a planned series of posts I had in mind that involved being all smug and superior about other people’s spelling and grammar!



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