Posted by: jacksterja | 22 August, 2007

The Last Supper

Is there anything more depressing than the last night on holidays when you realise it’s pretty well all over and you’re flying out the next morning?

You’ve pretty well scoped the place and gotten into the groove of the place. You know your way around, and have figured out the sort of places you want to hang out in your time there, and then suddenly it’s all as good as over.

We hit this point pretty much straight after our trivia disgrace. And then missing the courtesy bus back to our accommodation. It was pouring (who would believe it would be 14 degrees and raining, even in winter, in Byron Bay) and taxis were pretty much non-existent.

We decided to go get pizza and try to catch a movie.

Well, on the cusp of end-of-holiday depression, we stumbled upon the most amazing pizza. Bloody amazing!!

Is there anything that pizza can’t fix??


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