Posted by: jacksterja | 21 August, 2007

Sharing is Caring

So, hypothetically, say, this couple (friends of mine, you see) were out to dinner. It’s a Thai meal (hypothetically, of course), and they share a couple of dishes and have a drink each.

At the end of the meal, the girl has hypothetically half of her drink, a red wine, left in her glass. As she is finishing, the waitress brings over the bill, and with it a plate with 4 scorched almonds on it. A lovely touch, I though. Umm, she hypothetically thought.

Not wanting to ruin her palate, she decided to finish her wine before partaking of her tasty scorched almond dessert treat. Her dining companion, chatting away about how delicious the meal had been, hypothetically eats three scorched almonds off the plate.

Do we hypothetically think maybe a manners line was crossed?? You know, hypothetically speaking?


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