Posted by: jacksterja | 1 August, 2007

Long Weekends

It was a very big, not to mention long, weekend.

I took Friday off to spend time with my friends Jon and Maddy who have been up visiting from Tassie.

We’ve had a complete ball – we started with some shopping (although not quite the type of shopping you would imagine as Maddy is terrible at that sort) as Jon took a nap and the girls went off to buy me a new mattress for my bed. That’s probably a whole nother story.

We had a night at the pub for dinner and drinks on Friday. We went to the art gallery and then to vegetarian Yum Cha and then the aquarium and then home for dinner and board games and even an old-fashioned sing-along with the guy with the guitar at the party until the wee small hours until told to shut it down by the neighbours (usually I’m the crabby neighbour!)

Then we made it to the Rocks markets and headed back to get Jon to the airport, then Maddy and I made some more shopping mischief with a trip to the Birkenstock Shop.

It’s Wednesday and I’m still recovering, but what a fantastic weekend! Maddy & Jon are 2 of my favourite people and it was so good to spend some time with them. Cheers to old friends!


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