Posted by: jacksterja | 1 August, 2007

All Hail the Queen

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love new gadgets?

If there is, they’re nothing like me.

I have a new gadget (other than my new internet connection. YAY!).

It was actually quite an exciting story…well, for me, anyway.

I’ve had a bit of bad luck with rice cookers. I managed to kill 2 in a matter of a couple of months. Don’t even ask. It’s not relevant to the story anyway.

So consequently, I decided that I would actually invest in a good quality rice cooker (I’m sure if you’ve read even a few posts on here, you’ll realise I take cooking very seriously).

Being me, I did my rice-cooker research. Checked up on the internet and a few stores, compared brands and features and reviews, and settled on the exact brand and model of rice cooker I was after.

It was quite a pricey one. I figure you get what you pay for. For that reason, I put off actually purchasing the coveted rice cooker. I love a bargain, so I thought I’d wait until somewhere had it on sale.

3 Weeks ago I was logging onto my internet banking. I was doing my usual bill-paying and pay-redistribution activities, when I saw that the balance on the rewards points I get for using my credit card was getting up there. I usually like to use my balance fairly regularly (I got totally stung when I lost bucketloads of frequent flyer points I’d been saving up in the Ansett collapse, when I ended up sitting at the airport for 3 hours, only to be sent home, frequent flyer points and flights down the toilet).

I clicked the link to the catalogue of things I could cash in for…and right there was the exact rice cooker that I wanted!! And I had enough points!!

I may have had to wait for delivery by post, but the whole thing is so much sweeter now that I’ve used my points on something I really wanted and was prepared to buy anyway!

The gadget is great. I have been making rice galore, plus using the slow-cooker option to make risottos, curries and more. Just call me the queen of the slow cooker.


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