Posted by: jacksterja | 3 July, 2007

The Big Day

Today was the big day – my big television debut!!!

OK, that’s a bit of a lie. I ended up on local TV news for Burnie, Tasmania, when I was in primary school for being part of a jump rope for heart team and met Fiona Coote. I suppose that was technically my television debut.

And then there was that time when that thing happened and I had quite a lot of TV interviews and such. But that’s a whole different post for another day.

But anyway, today was a big day for me and Ronene and Australian television.

It was so weird seeing myself on a show that I have watched on many occasions in the past – Ready Steady Cook.

Before you ask (I know you’re going to), you can check out the recipes here. For the record, I was soundly beaten by an outstanding strawberry meringue roulade. I think we did pretty well, though, with
Crumbed goat’s cheese with asparagus, tomato and saffron salsa
Mushroom and goat’s cheese arancini with pesto
Mushroom, asparagus and goat’s cheese risotto and, last but not least;
Upside-down apple and raspberry tart

I had to note that the whole thing somehow looked a bit like a home movie. Not because of any lack of production skill, but just because that’s the only medium I’m used to seeing myself on the small screen.

I also noted that I found it pretty cringe-worthy. I think it’s even worse when you know the daggy comments are coming. Something on par with seeing yourself telling a dad-joke.

I noticed that I liked my hair better that short. And that it has grown quite a lot since the taping.

So, that’s it. All over and done with. Of course, if you watch this space, I’ll see what i can do to try and work out how to get some of it online for friends and family. If you want to see it, you may have to pretend to be one or the other!

For those that caught it, hope you enjoyed it. For those that didn’t, guess that’s lucky for one of us!


p.s. check out the continuity problem at the end. A prize for anyone (other than Ronene, Tresha or Harriet) who can pick it!


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