Posted by: jacksterja | 25 May, 2007

Most Popular

And the winner is……

The most popular post, at least judging by the fact that I got loads of emails, heaps of traffic, and even a comment was…

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

I really try not to get too “battle of the sexes” on here. Generally I’d prefer to be known for my writing and my own quirky sense of humour (at least, that’s how I like to thing of it) than my relationship. This is coupled with the fact that the significant other is really pretty uncomfortable with being discussed publicly (he also hates having his photo taken, or being filmed, but that’s another story). So for all of these reasons I try to steer basically clear of these sorts of topics. But at the time I wrote this, it was just too funny a situation to leave out.

Seems the rest of you agree. 🙂


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