Posted by: jacksterja | 15 May, 2007

Top 10 things I hate about public transport

I haven’t had a whinge about public transport on here for a while. I’m sure you’ve all missed it, so here goes…

The top 10 things I have about public transport.

  1. Trains running late
  2. Trains running early
  3. Missing the train
  4. Accidentally getting on the wrong train (especially when it’s an express and I end up whizzing by my stop then have to backtrack)
  5. Trains that are too full
  6. People that won’t get out of the way of the doors or stairwells to let other people passed them. Or even better…move further inside themselves so that everyone can get on and off in an orderly fashion.
  7. People who try to get into the carriage before those who are disembarking finish getting off.
  8. People who take public transport when they have bad BO. I’m the last one to deny that I ever get a little perspiration happening, especially in mid-summer or if I’ve done a bit of a sprint to make the train, but I’m talking about full on eye-watering days and days worth of smelliness. Take a shower.
  9. People who put all their bags on the seat beside them when there are people with no seats.
  10. Tourists at the station with their huge suitcases during peak hour who stand and block the whole walkway whilst looking vaguely around at the different signs. Stand to the side, people!
  11. People who leave their rubbish – especially tissues and food wrappers – on the train after they leave.
  12. People who won’t get up and offer their seat to those more in need of it than themselves. No, I don’t mean me. I mean heavily pregnant women, the elderly, the frail, the disabled or the injured. Selfish prats. What’s wrong with you?

I know that’s more than 10. Sorry, I can count, just couldn’t keep the list down to 10.


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