Posted by: jacksterja | 12 March, 2007

Howdy from the Apple Isle

A quick hello from the happy traveller. Been totally off the grid for the duration of the tavels so far, but popped in to see friends Nic & Mick and Mick was using the internet.

Jacki: Oooh…the internet
Mick: Yep. Would you like a go? Do you know how to use it?

So here I am. Its a public holiday in Tassie so everyone’s having a bit of a chilled out day. We were scheduled for a trip to Cradle Mountain, but have been on and off the road for several days in a row and have decided to add that to the rapidly growing “Next Trip” list.

Anyway, we’ve been having an absolute ball and catching up with lots and lot of people. The person formerly known as the boy (he apparently doesn’t like that, but I just asked what he wanted to be called and he couldn’t come up with anything better than “the shag”) has done very well, but I think is a bit bamboozled with all the new names and faces.

The list of stuff we’ve done so far….

  • Arrived, checked out Anne & Rossco’s new pad in Evandale
  • Lunch with Rossco and Anne
  • Tour of the Cataract Gorge including the chairlift
  • Pizza night with Nick & Mick
  • Lunch with the Pom
  • Dinner at the train with Julie & Richard and Nic & Mick
  • A trip to Hobart
  • Dinner with Derek & Jo
  • Salamanca Markets
  • Stopping at numerous midlands towns
  • A visit to Maddy & Jon at Ross and dinner at the Ross pub
  • A night out on the town in Launceston
  • A trip to Seahorse World with Louise and Bruce and a lovely lunch
  • A roast with Rossco and Anne
  • And lots of other stuff in between

So we’ve been busy bees and having lots of fun. Back on Wednesday. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves until then.

The archives are over there —————————->


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