Posted by: jacksterja | 30 January, 2007

An Excerpt from an email from my sister

My sister has been making me very jealous for the last month or so, doing the free-spirit thing travelling around Central America.

It may have been a little mean (jealousy-fuelled, of course) or me, but I may have laughed out loud when I received an email from her this morning. I have pasted in the first couple of paragraphs…..

“Hi there,

It´s official, I´m a complete tradgedy. Yup that´s right I missed my flight
home. Still trying to fathom how I managed to do it. Wednesday is Thursday
is not Wednesday. Bugger. Guess I was really into the relaxzed holiday

And no I don´t need a lecture or smartarse comments from anyone thankyou.
Turns out the LA – Melb route is very popular. No available seats til Feb
24. Yup, a month away. Spent yesterday in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua,
trying to sort it all out. The good news is that I don´t have to wait a
month to get home!”

Tee hee hee…..



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