Posted by: jacksterja | 21 December, 2006


Now let me start this post by stating that I’m usually not a big chocolate person. I may have been when i was younger, but my taste buds seem to have matured (read: aged) a little since then and usually I’ll head straight for the cheese plate without so much as a pause by the chocolate bowl.

This year, there seems to have been an awful lot of chocolate around. I’ve received some as gifts, had them handed out at work and been given them as after dinner treats at the various Christmas functions I’ve attended this holiday season.

So in the interest of not appearing rude (of course! What other reason would there be?) I have partaken of more chocolate in the last couple of weeks than I probably have all year.

But somehow now that I’ve jumped on the chocolate bandwagon, I seem to be having trouble getting back off. I’ve started looking for something sweet after lunch and dinner and a piece of fruit is not longer making the grade.

So what’s going on? Have they started making chocolate more addictive? Or was it always like that (that might explain my teenage years, I suppose)? Do I need help beating the demon dessert?


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