Posted by: jacksterja | 1 November, 2006

Communication Generation

Yay! I have my phone back, and working like new! It’s amazing how you can get so used to things.

Believe it or not, I used to be one of those hold-outs to the onset of the new technology. I had a home phone and answering machine that I could dial up and check my messages on from a public phone if it was really necessary ….

And then I gave in. ostensibly it was originally just going to be for when I was traveling interstate, and maybe for emergencies. Initially it was. Then I started using it a bit more. After all, it was there, and handy, and it was useful for a few things. Then there were text messages, and then using the gadget a bit more. Then I swapped my dad for his swanky silver cover and had my first experience of the phone as something trendy. My first upgrade was to a kind of strange sideways phone with a full keypad. Great for texts, but impossible to use one handed, and also impossible to tell one end from the other, so guaranteed you’d always put it up to your ear the wrong way up. After that one disappeared (mysteriously…), I renewed my contract and was delivered a shiny new top-of-the-line phone. One of the first ones to come out with a camera in it. I thought I was in mobile phone nirvana. Photo diary evolved out of the funky purple phone, and by this stage I was well and truly hooked. When that one was pinched I even took the grand step of changing brands to my stylish and versatile Samsung slide phone. I may whinge about difficulties charging it occasionally, but the last couple of weeks while it’s been on the fritz have certainly made me realize how much I’ve integrated it into my life. I don’t even have a home phone anymore, let alone an answering machine.

I was organizing for Ronene to pick me up to go to dance class. Our custom for occasions such as this is for Ronene to ring as she’s leaving the house, and she’s at my place by the time I get downstairs and out the front of my building. It took us 3 goes at coming up with an alternative plan (making a time, and having to be there btw).

And let’s not even discuss the impact this had on plans with the boy…who for all his good points can have a bit of an issue with punctuality at time…

So, phone’s back. I feel like I’m myself again. Yay!



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