Posted by: jacksterja | 29 September, 2006

Word Nerd

I think I may have mentioned previously that I receive word of the day. From that you may have surmised that I am a bit of a word nerd.

Well, that may be true, but I think I’ve really only shared the tip of the iceberg. The true level of my word-nerdism has not yet been revealed. I truly love words and language.

So firstly, I do subscribe to’s word of the day email. Every day a new and exciting word arrives.

But it gets worse! I have a whole method for making sure that I actually learn them. I know, totally daggy. But there’s no point reading the word and its definition (and it being used in various sentences and its historical derivation) and then promptly forgetting the word altogether. So the trick is to leave the email in your inbox, and every day when a new one comes in I’ll see if I can remember what the previous ones mean. Sometimes it sinks in for the next day, and sometimes it takes ages, but I always get there in the end!

I also have my favourites. And I keep them in my inbox.

In case you’re interested, here’s my list:

  • pleonasm
  • pandemic
  • importunate
  • triskaidekaphobia
  • philomath
  • segue
  • ostensible

If you don’t know what they mean, guess you’ll just have to look them up! 😉


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