Posted by: jacksterja | 29 September, 2006

Farewell Sunday Mug

I’m a little sad this week and feel as though something is missing from my life.

Remember the Sunday mug? Well it came to a sad end last weekend. Every morning this week I’ve had to make myself 2 cups of tea and come back for the second one halfway through my morning ritual. It’s a really unsatisfactory state of affairs.

I spent part of my weekend last weekend trying to track down a new one, or something similar (maybe a touch bigger?). I tried House, Kmart, Bayswiss, Tek (the local $2 shop) and a couple of little homewares shops at my local shopping centre. All to no avail. Can’t find anything like it.

Any ideas? Short of taking up pottery and making one myself I’m facing life without a Sunday mug! Aargh! The horror!



  1. Keep watch for your internal mail. A Nic size mug from my collection is on its way to save you.

    I totally understand the issue and me and my tea cup collection are happy to help out a friend in need!!


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