Posted by: jacksterja | 25 September, 2006

Well, I’m usually friendly…

As you may remember from a previous post of mine, I’m generally quite a friendly person. quite sociable, in fact. I could possibly even be considered likely to talk to any given stranger at any given time.

However, I’m here to tell you that that is not entirely true. The “any given stranger” part is pretty close, but I can tell you that the “any given time” bit most definitely is not.

You see, I’m not exactly a morning person. Back when I was at uni and working nights, the only time I saw morning was at the start of it (i.e. from midnight onwards). I had a well-documented talent for sleeping in.

When I first started working full time with the company I work for now, I had the option of doing shift work. I know a lot of people hate this, but for me it was great! I was getting paid extra to sleep in and come to work late!! My favourite shift was 1.30pm to 10pm. You could get a bit done in the morning, and still be finished in time to get to social events (albeit fashionably late if it was a dinner party)

Later in my career, and as it has progressed, I had to move to working more conventional hours and have been doing that for years. It has its advantages and the routine does kind of work for me, even if I push the definition of the 9am start on occasion (although I’ll have you know I’ve been in at 7.30am the last 2 mornings). I even tend to get up fairly early on the weekends these days, as otherwise it’s too hard to get back into things on Mondays.

One thing, however, that I just cannot deal with, is talking to strangers first thing in the morning. Particularly on public transport. Here’s why…

a) Regular users of public transport to get to work do just that. They want to get to work. A respectful silence should be maintained. Eye contact should be avoided.
b) My little commute to work (and back, for that matter) is my time for my daily meditation. Reflect, read, so a puzzle, listen to music. It is my buffer between my work life and my home life. Intrusions are not welcome.
c) I’m a little grumpy in the morning. I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re talking to me about something while I’m still on my way to work I don’t care.
d) Public transport is Sydney is crowded. As a general rule, I have to put up with people in my personal space. Can’t be helped. But seriously, I don’t need them talking to me as well.

So please, please, if you happen to be on the bus or the train with me in the morning, just leave me alone!


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