Posted by: jacksterja | 20 September, 2006

Fireman Sam

Well, I’m not quite fireman Sam, but I am now officially qualified Fire-Warden Jacki.

Yep, believe it or not, when it comes to getting people out of a burning building from the 31st floor, apparently the duty falls to me.

But don’t worry. there is hope for my fellow office workers yet. This very morning I underwent a 2 hour training session. Yay me.

Actually, I’ve been a fire warden in the last 4 offices I’ve worked. somehow once you’ve been one, every time wardens are required, your name comes up. I was even chief warden once upon a time, so I guess that makes me a particularly desirable conscript volunteer.

I am being a bit facetious here, and probably without good reason. I’m the sort of person that has freaky stuff happen to them, and therefore am faced with the distinct possibility that at some point in my career I will be involved in some sort of office emergency (apparently burnt raisin toast is the most common culprit!) , and in that event, I think it is best to be prepared.

The training, also, was far better than any previous training I’ve been given. For a start, there were goodies provided. Also, there were lots of films and sound files (of the sirens etc) and photos from other events. The presenter was knowledgeable and very entertaining (previous warden trainings tend to have been run by people who take these things just a little too seriously). I now actually understand why you’re not supposed to use the lifts in a fire and other interesting facts. On the down-side, they changed rooms at the last minute and I didn’t read the email this morning, then when I finally found it I was late and there weren’t enough chairs provided for everyone, so I had to stand through the whole thing. In uncomfortable shoes. And then walk all over the place checking out red phones and fire escapes and exits and such warden-y things. Well, you win some, you lose some, I guess.

So, if you’re reading this and you don’t work on the same floor as me in the same building, then wish me luck. If you do…well you might want to wish me even more luck!!

J. Fire Warden Extraordinaire. (official title)


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