Posted by: jacksterja | 24 August, 2006

What a wonderful weird world

A couple of years ago I came up with a little bit of a theory. I came to believe that for someone like me, living in Newtown and working in the Sydney CBD, you manage to see something freaky pretty much every single day. At the time I was inspired by the fact that there was a loose crowd of people walking in random directions around the plaza next to my bus carry giant papier mache vegetables (didn’t know then, don’t know now. That experience has been relegated to the ‘probably never will’ category).

For a while I started writing them down, in order to prove my theory, but since I never really did anything with them and nobody else was interested, I stopped after a while.

The last couple of days, however, I do seem to have had a few stand-out freaky things cross my path.

On Tuesday night I was heading home, to find an iron sitting forlorn and alone under the dark footbridge near my house. Out and about looking for a nice lady iron perhaps?

On Wednesday night I was out for a few drinks to farewell Sandy. My taxi driver on the way home was an interesting fellow. He had all the speakers blaring and was singing along in that particular way that only a true fan can. To Boney M. He was also clearly wearing a Ray Martin Style wig. Although I’m not sure that I should really include this. It’s almost normal for taxi drivers to be a little odd in Sydney.

Yesterday’s actually happened outside of my usual observation zone, and might not actually be a strange thing for most people. See I actually have an uncommon surname. So I was very surprised last night to be ordering pizza and order it from someone who said they had the same surname. Not as surprised as him. Still, it obviously was a pleasant surprise for him, as he threw in a couple of free orders of garlic bread!

This morning has been all a bit strange as I was facilitating for a workforce management discussion group in North Sydney. First was the earlier than usual start, second the extra fuss involved in extra train tickets, third having to change trains without going outside to have a look at the TV screens and find out what platform I was supposed to be on, fourth, not having the address and directions on me so having to make a bit of a guess, fourth it being a bit of a longer and uphill walk than I expected, and the weather being far warmer than forecasted so turning up nice and sweaty and a little flustered.

Hmm. I guess I was my own freaky thing to observe this morning!

P.S. Tried to upload a stunning picture of Boney M in their hey-day to complement this posting, but the upload thing seems ot be on the fritz again. Feel free to imagine the stage performance complete with skin tight glittering lycra, capes and afros. And the backnig singers with weird cape kind of things coming down from their afros.


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