Posted by: jacksterja | 22 August, 2006

Quick Update

It’s ridiculously busy here with impending deadlines all over the place, so I’m afraid this won’t be lengthy. In fact, you may have to put up with a dot-point posting….

  • The cold wasn’t as bad as first thought
  • The weekend was pretty good – first one I’ve had at home without visitors for ages
  • I have a new flatmate…How that came about is another story so will have to wait
  • Good luck to Sandy, who’s off to Cape York for a month to work with the indigenous communities there. You’ll be great, have a great time, and I’m proud of how brave you are (and how little you actually packed after all the angst!)
  • This week is complete craziness work-wise. There are literally not enough hours in the day at the moment!
  • Thank God for Cecilia! Despite being given only a sketchy, rushed and piecemeal introduction to the role, she’s doing a great job already, and actually doing a pretty good job of understanding me as I ramble and mumble my way through trying to explain what I’m doing.
  • Yay! Ronene’s back on Friday. Well, yay for me, but probably not for her (and not just because she’s bringing me duty-free!) Can’t wait to have her back – it’s really not the same if one of my girls is away…
  • Welcome Daryl who is visiting from Melbourne for a few days. It seems they’ll let anyone into the building these days… šŸ˜‰



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