Posted by: jacksterja | 15 August, 2006

Pros and Cons

So the new building is now a reality, the boxes are unpacked and the dust has settled.

As with every change in life, there are going to be some advantages and some disadvantages, as well as a few hiccups during the transition. I thought I might share a few things and you can decide which category they fall into (some may depend on your perspective).

  1. The Queen of clumsy apparently can’t even be at her new desk for half an hour without spilling a glass of cranberry juice all over the place (OK, this one’s a hiccup, whichever way you look at it)
  2. The new desks are substantially smaller and storage space is at a premium.
  3. The view is sensational (not so good if you’re afraid of heights, though, I’d imagine)
  4. You’re pretty much right in the thick of the weather (except not actually outside). So the huge thunderstorm / lightning storm / hailstorm that happened this afternoon (see for more details) and was then followed by this:
  5. I know not everyone likes storms, but it was pretty amazing. The sunset afterwards was also spectacular, but I managed to fill up my camera memory and didn’t get the photos cleared off in time to capture that particular moment. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities
  6. Hi to Karen from Melbourne (originally Tassie) who has been one of my best mates since I was 12. She was in Sydney for a rare stop-over today and caught up with me for lunch, reminding me how close we are to the Slipp Inn (no Princes there today, unfortunately!)
  7. I’m sitting back close to my old team. Good news for me as they’re a funny old bunch. You’d have to ask them what sort of news it is from their perspective!
  8. I still haven’t got the whole food thing sorted. Being a committed veggie (no, not committed that way, even if I arguably deserve it at times!), having to change my regular eating spots can be quite daunting and I’ve kind of chickened out so far.
  9. The kitchen is awesome. Actual matching crockery, cutlery and glasses. Plus Fisher & Paykel double dish-drawers (the same dishwasher I just had put in at my place because it is, without compare, the best dishwasher in the world today), plus big fridges (yes – plural!) and proper recycling facilities and 2 microwaves (that aren’t so ancient that the display is in roman numerals).
  10. The removalists leaving behind our magnetic sasco year planner. How can we possibly plan our year without it???
  11. Having to learn how to use the new printer…Closely related to the definite bonus of having a printer that has had new toner at some point during the last decade, and doesn’t chew more paper than it prints. (ditto for the photocopier)
  12. Having to get used to the whole train thing again. Somehow getting off at the wrong station on my first morning – a station I’ve never actually used regularly instead of one that I used to get off at every day. How does that work? I even make myself wonder sometimes. Plus rail tickets have gone up in price recently and are more expensive than bus tickets. Grr.
  13. The cool new mobile phone holder that came in the welcome pack that flashes pretty colours when my phone rings (I think it’s supposed to encourage people to put their phones on silent). OK, small things amuse me.

So all in all, not a bad trade. Ask me in a couple of weeks when I’ve had a chance to rearrange my desk. It’s become painfully obvious that my first attempt at optimal set-up has failed miserably (shelves behind the monitor not such a good idea in hind-sight), but moving all those cables and laptop locks etc is kind of daunting. I’ll wait until a nice quiet Friday afternoon when procrastinating seems the best option.



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