Posted by: jacksterja | 4 August, 2006

Shock! Horror!

I love horror movies. I know the kind of thing that you’re either into or you’re not, so if you one of those people who’s not, I don’t expect you to understand (in fact you may think me a little mad).

But I love them. All the way back to the first real horror movie (in my humble opinion, subjective as it may be), the fist version of Night of the Living Dead, a good old-fashioned zombie movie.
I love all the classics – The Exorcist of course, the Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween series, anything with vampires (but especially Salem’s Lot and Lost Boys). I love the old fashioned horror movies, the B-Grade 80s horrors (yeah, especially those) and the modern take on things such as the Scream series and Saw. I love the suspenseful psychological horror movies such as The Omen series and the gory ones with ominous titles like The Dentist.

So the question, I suppose, is why?

I love horror movies because they are at the same time both predictable and random. You can usually amuse yourself by feeling mentally superior over the fact that you can pick what order the disposable characters are going to die in, and at the same time, still be scared into jumping out of your seat by an unexpected cat jumping out of a cupboard at a suspenseful moment (a common red herring trick, by the way).

On that topic, I like those “fright” moments, and the adrenalin rush that goes along with them, making you feel on edge, and therefore enjoying the rest of the movie better.

I love the fact that you can walk out and know (in your head, at least, even if maybe not all of you believes it for a little while) that there really aren’t any vampires waiting for me (I hope), and that I’m unlikely to be atttacked by Zombies in my home that evening. Or at least that I’d know what to do if they did.

Bring on the gore!




  1. What did you think of wolf creek?

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