Posted by: jacksterja | 20 July, 2006


It’s been crazy this week. Here’s the abridged version so far….
Saturday – Chores and running around shopping centres on a rainy Saturday. Not fun. Out for a girls night in the Inner West with Bec, Sandy and Kogi. Possibly just a little more wine consumed than was absolutely necessary, and definitely more hanging shit on Jacki than was necessary.
Sunday – brunch with Bec, picking up Nicole from the Airport and heading straight to a charity bowls day that turned into a charity trivia day because the grass (pitch? turf?) was too soggy to play on.
Monday – Happy Birthday to Jonathan! It was me in chef mode, loads of curry and a friendly game of scrabble (should I have let the birthday boy win? Nah.)
Tuesday – a quick after-work debrief drink after a hectic day. Unfortunately a deluge started and we were stuck there a while…
Wednesday – Trivia. Missing a few regular team members. We sucked. We’re blaming the broken speaker and the fact we couldn’t hear properly.
And in between it’s been a very hectic week’s work. Tonight is dinner with a couple of the other interstate guys from work in town for training. Then tomorrow is Friday. Do you think it’s showing my age to want to just go home and spend the night watching TV on the couch on a Friday night? Saturday Nicole heads back to Adelaide and I’m heading up to the Central Coast for Bec’s Mum’s 60th birthday party (should be a blast), then back for Jonathan’s birthday celebration on Sunday. Work next week and then Mum & Dad arrive the next weekend….

Never mind. What’s that saying about when you can sleep?

J. 😉


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