Posted by: jacksterja | 30 June, 2006

Guest writer – a Brag from Aunty Jo


Well, yes I have been on holidays again, another week in paradise. Dekka and I went to our normal holiday destination of Hawaii; yes it is like our second home.Our first stop was Maui here we decided to splurge and stay at the Hyatt Regency (only could afford 2 night) and let me say we were not disappointed (see pictures attached).
If you are looking for a holiday were you were totally relaxing this would be it. Dekka played golf and I went exploring my surroundings.
Then it was off to our second home of Waikiki. Here we spent 7 nights. The normal area that we stay in is being redeveloped at the moment so we stayed a bit further down the road. It was also graduation week whilst we were there so there were lots of students around.
We had booked a standard room and when we opened the door to our room we discovered that we had been given an ocean front room (see pictures attached).
On Sunday night we were winding down from a busy day of beach and shopping when we heard these bangs. We went onto the balcony to see what it was and there were fireworks right in front of our hotel. It was like we had a private fireworks display.

Our days were filled with lots of eating, drinking, (yes I actually has a Pina Colada everyday) spending time at the beach and by the pool, and of course lots of shopping. Dekka also played golf.

The highlight of the holiday was discovering the Peanut Butter milk shake, it was very very yummy. Let me say Dekka and I were skeptical at first in trying one, however we are glad we did.


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