Posted by: jacksterja | 22 June, 2006

One thing I hate…

…is going to the dentist. I had to go yesterday and have a filling. It hurt and the drills make all those horrible noises and youy have to have those HUGE injections into your gums and you spend half the day feeling like your face is made of a 4-inch thick piece of rubber. Why are those needles so damn big anyway? They look like some sort of torture implement from the dark ages. Regular medicine managed to get needles down to fine slivers of metal on little plasticcy things yearas ago. They’re still not much fun, but they’re a hell of a lot better than those huge metal things with the looooooong needles and the 2 little loops of metal for the fingers (does he need to hang on more firmly than usual?). Ouch. Grumble grumble. and I have to go again next month for another one. Grrr…


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