Posted by: jacksterja | 20 June, 2006

Not even surprising

If you know me well, you’d know that I seem to have been born with a peculiar combination of clutziness, bad luck, forgetfulness, and just plain freaky things happening to me. Plus I was born without any sense of direction whatsoever.
so over the years, I’ve been in weird accidents, am known for losing things (especially leaving them on public transport), falling over and running into things. It’s just pretty much par for the course when it comes to my day to day life. Whilst some of it is obviously my own fault (and having had a couple of glasses of wine never helps my chances of escaping any circumstance without injury), some things really just seem to be out of the blue. Then there are those that are a bit of both.
I’m not going to try to go into too much detail of past mishaps (although maybe I could write a nice long post on all my misadventures with escalators) because we’d be here all day. You don’t even want to know how long a “clutz-off” lasted at a the housewarming party of a similarly-afflicted friend recently.
I will however share a recent story from my trip to the wilds of Far North Queensland. I hope you find it as amusing as my travelling companion so obviously did.

The precursor to this story is that I also have a lot of trouble with sunglasses. I lose them, sit on them, scratcht hem and break them fairly regularly. Plus, I’m one of thos people who really struggles with finding glasses frames and sunglasses that suit me. Something to do with the shape of my face or something. Anyway, over Christmas I took 2 pairs with me on holiday and managed to break one pair and lose the other (of course). Luckily my Dad found a pair of sunglasses in the street (does anyone else’s Dad do things like that?), so he gave them to me. In typical fashion, I’ve actually managed to hang onto the freebies, despite the fact that they look terrible and don’t do a terribly good job of protecting my eyes from the sun.

So first real day in Port and we’re doing a bit of a browse in the local shops. Ronene’s sunglasses have broken so we head for the local chemist for a bit of browsing. After having a look at the specials rack (never pay retail!) I found a pair of sunnies that I actually really liked and that were on sale for half price. Bargain! Wrap ’em up, I’ll take ’em.

Day 2 in Port, we go for a drive up to Mossman Gorge and for a look around Mossman. We energetically hopped out of the car and did the full-length Mossman Gorge walk, which is ver beautiful, but very steamy and sweaty work. Incidentally you can check out the photos at my photo gallery – the link is in the previous post.

After over an hour of trekking through the rainforest, having a lovely time, we returned to the car. As we were pulling out to leave, Ronene pulled out her sunglasses to put them on as she was designated driver for the day. I went to reach up for my sunglasses, fully expecting them to be on my head where I had left them. Well of course, they weren’t there.

I did a quick review, and remembered that I still had them on my head when we had a photo taken on the suspension bridge about 1km into the walk, and I also distinctly remebered taking off my hat to scratch my head at the lookout about 200m after that. I figured that there couldn’t be too much ground to cover in my search, so decided to jog back in for a bit of a look. Ronene, the clever one, decided to stay behind and enjoy her packed lunch whilst I got in a bit of extra exercise.

So in I went. Dodging other tourists and speeding through the rainforest. I arrived at the bridge and slowed my pace, scouring the path on either side as I walked up the hill to the lookout. I reached the top just as the rain started.

I’m not talking about a drizzle or a bit of a sun-shower. I’m talking about full-on, pelting-down, buckloads of rainforest rain. There was nowhere to hide and I was drenched within seconds.

After getting over the immediate “what do I do??” reaction, I realised that there was literally nothing I could do. I stopped and marvelled at the spectacle of experiencing a deluge in the rainforest and it was truly magnificent.

Next I decided to take my time and do a good thorough search for my sunnies. It wasn’t possible for me to get any wetter (not without physically jumping into a pool or something, anyway) so I had a good long look…all to no avail. Either I was mistaken about where I had dropped them, or some lucky person had picked up my stylish new sunnies. Unfortunately there’s no lost property office in the rainforest.

So I made my way back to the car. I was greeted by gales of laughter upon my arrival looking like a drowned rat’s wetter cousin. Thanks for your support and understanding. 😛

I tried to upload a photo, but seem to be having problems. You can check out a picture of the humiliating event here if you must….



  1. Am terribly sorry to laugh Jacki but I have to say it was the funniest thing I have ever seen (and when Jacki is involved there have been a few). In particular watching Jacki trying to get into the hire car without wetting the seat (impossible when you are that wet). As I recfall the situation I am still laughing to myself and everyone around me thinks I am crazy! !

  2. I must say it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen (and with Jacki around there have been a few). The highlight was watching Jacki trying to get into the hire car without wetting the seat. Impossible when you are saturated and the hire car plastic rubbish bag isn’t that big! ! Thanks for the laugh

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